D’lecta Foods Pvt Ltd is proud to associate itself with a programme which will empower people to be their own bosses and start their own business!

We have a training kitchen in Goregaon East, in our premises itself where we run training programmes for budding entrepreneurs who have a passion for baking and cooking. We have two types of courses, Regular and Professional.

Regular courses:

  • The duration of these classes are 3-4 hours each
  • Ideal for housewives, food enthusiasts, cooks etc. who can devote only few hours a week

To enrol for Regular courses, click here.

Professional courses:

  • 3-5 day intensive courses, comprising of training of 3-4 hours every day.
  • These courses consist of a single genre, and people enrolling for these courses will be taught A to Z of these genres. For example, if the genre is Cake decorating, then the people will be taught Cakes from scratch, Basic sponges, Icings, Garnishes, Truffles, decoration, tips and tricks, packaging tips, costing etc.
  • Ideal for those who want to make a career in baking and cooking. After finishing the course, you would ideally have two options, to start selling cakes and other goodies which you learnt from these courses or you can also start your own cooking classes.

In case you plan to start your own business by selling cakes and stuff, then we teach you how to store the cakes, how to package them, how much margin should you be keeping while selling them etc., thus making sure when you do start selling them, you have a complete know how on the business.

In case you plan to start your own cooking classes, then D’lecta would support you in many ways.

  • D’lecta would help you source ingredients and tools required for your class at MRP rates.
  • D’lecta will support you in getting recipes and certificates printed for your classes at cost price.
  • D’lecta will advertise your classes on its own website and promote you by giving you a web page which you can viralise on social media to help gain sign-ups for your class.
  • D’lecta will provide you D’lecta ingredients at a discounted price to use in your classes, moreover you can buy extra ingredients to sell it to your students so that you earn from its sale too.


To enrol for Professional courses, click here.


Anyone who aspires starting his or her own business by becoming a home baker or by running his or her own cooking and baking classes can register for the professional course.
No, you need not have any culinary background. We aspire to make anyone and everyone a masterchef in a particular field by way of intensive training programmes.
At the end of the course, we will be conducting a test, if you successfully pass the test, then you will be awarded a D'lecta certificate, post which you can be confident of starting your own business.
You may not involve D'lecta when you start your own business. But, if you intend to use our support system, then it would make things much easier for you. We would advertise your classes, provide you with ingredients, tools, recipe print outs, certificates etc at cost price to you. We would also supply you with D'lecta products at varied discounted rates. All of this for no extra cost to you! So, it makes full sense to be a part of D'lecta family which would quickly make you your own boss!
Regular courses are just a one day courses comprising of 3-4 hours. You will learn 6-8 new dishes or desserts in these classes. Professional courses would be more intensive courses of 3-5 days concentrating a particular genre of food, which you will master and you could replicate them and start selling them professionally or even teach those items and start your own cooking and baking class
You can visit our website for enrolling or you could personally drop by at our Studio kitchen in Goregaon East to enroll. Fees would have to be paid in advance to get a confirmed seat for that particular class.
The schedule of the courses will be regularly updated in our Calendar section.
Currently we are running these courses only at our Goregaon East Centre. We plan to build many more centres across the city shortly, Keep checking our website for regular updates or you can sign up for our monthly newsletter by clicking here.
  • You could start selling cakes and other goodies which you learnt in the course right from your home and start earning.
  • You could start your own cooking and baking classes from your own home.
  • You could also join our D'lecta team and become a trainer for our future classes
We will be expanding in a big way so will always be on a lookout for passionate people who would want to share their part of knowledge with others.